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Tips on Booking Your Hotel

We got various choices when it comes to booking flights. We have a lot of resources but it would often depend on your preferences. The same thing applies to book hotel reservations. It may just be hard at times which are the most reliable and which say it right, who’s just promoting?

Here are my top tips for booking hotel reservations online. I wrote these based on my experience. I will share a few but the decision is always up to you.

Go get some research done. 
When booking online reservations check the location of your accommodation. See to it that the place is accessible and can is very close to common transportation like bus, trains or taxis. It would also be great if the place will have a close supermarket or restaurants. This will help you save a few bucks in transportation when you got that midnight craving.

Compare in between your resources
To save more money, don’t just rely on one booking site. You often have to compare between two or three resources to see which offers the best package and price. I often use as this gives me the most number of the search result.  It often offers a healthy mix of hotels, apartments, and even hostels. If you’re not a fan of it you can just remove it through a filter. I love using this site as I can already see the prices and packages right upfront less the tax.
But wait let’s not stop from there, try comparing the best price with This one started offering services focusing on Asia but now offers worldwide choices.
What I usually do is I check through these two sites and compare which offer the best price and package for the same hotel.
Almost done? No, we don’t stop there yet! Now you’re done comparing between the two try getting a quote directly on the website of your hotel choice (if any). These will totally ensure that you got the best price and package around. Sometimes if you book directly on their hotel’s website, you get to have a discount but some others don’t. So let’s be resourceful and get some research done as this will help you save a lot.

Read the booking guideline. 
Alright, you’re almost there, you got your best choice, rate, and package now you’re ready to book it. Before taking this step, ensure you read their booking guideline.
Try to look for cancellation guidelines, it’s way better if they will allow at least 3 days of cancellation and check how much will be the refund rate. This will help you in the future in case something unexpected happens and you will need to cancel your booking.
The second thing you may want to check is the check-in time.  Ensure this will match your arrival time so you won’t have to stay outside for too long just waiting for your room to be available. It’s better if they allow early check-in, some allow this just don’t be afraid to ask.
Also, if you will be arriving late, ensure you check with them if they allow late check-in, like in the super early morning around 2 AM. The majority of them allow this and you won’t have a problem at all, but some others have this kind of locked-door policy that you won’t be able to get into your accommodation’s door especially to hostels.

Get your accommodation’s contact number. 
Getting the hotel’s accommodation contact number would be my last trip. This would be very helpful at times you feel kinda lost or forgot what to ride to get in there, you can easily get in touch with them if it seems you can’t follow the directions provided to you through email or chat. This way you can save a lot of time figuring out how.

So there you go, some useful tips I have been using whenever I book an online reservation. I hope you find it pretty helpful too, keep in mind it’s better to ask than to regret you have not. Cheers and safe travel!

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